[BigBlueButton Premium Hosting] for Moodle,Canvas and other LMS/CMS Installations

Global distance learning solutions for US, Canada, Europe, Asia, India, China, South America, Australia since 2010.

Options for integrating BigBlueButton with your Moodle, Canvas,Wordpress, or other LMS/CMS.

 You have your own Moodle/Wordpress/Canvas or other support LMS/CMS server.

The BigBlueButton moodle/wordpress plugins that can be installed on your own moodle/wordpress instance provides access to a test bigbluebutton server. This server is not production ready, and often runs beta and development builds.  It also is not secured, and may me down from time to time, or overloaded with test users.   Recordings work, but that can not be saved permanently and can be deleted at any time.

You can subscribe to a premium shared DistanceLearning.Cloud BigBlueButton hosting service that integrates to your LMS/CMS.

These plans allow for larger class sizes from 25 to 100 users, and provide permanent storage of your class recordings as long as you have an active subscription. Recordings can be converted to a downloadable .mp4 file which can be played offline or uploaded to your vimeo/youtube channel.

Shared Plans : All plans have unlimited hours, and recording storage. 

25 Concurrent Users       40 USD Month

40 Concurrent Users       95 USD Month

100 Concurrent Users   150 USD Month

We offer hosting with no contracts, and a 30 day risk free money back guaranteeFree integrations services are available to help you get up and running quickly.

Select the plan and server location that works best for you.   You can upgrade/downgrade anytime.

NOTE:  Users are measured concurrently. Meaning a 25 User plan can for example have 1 session with 25 users, or 5 sessions with 5 users.

All plans have unlimited hours, and recording storage. 

BigBlueButton is hosted “Nearest You” in one of 10 global data centers.

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Starting at $40 USD month,  no contracts, can cancel anytime. Unlimited meetings and recordings.  MP4 downloadable recordings available

Server Location
Domain Name of LMS/CMS

You have or want your own dedicated BigBlueButton server and need help.

We provide a full range of installation and consulting services to get your BigBlueButton server up and running.

We also have branded and dedicated server offerings. More info can be found here. Dedicated and Branded Servers

Check out our Services Page, we will be glad to assess your project and provide assistance.

About Us.

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We are an independent US Corporation that has provided scaled and global commercial BigBlueButton services to hundreds of customers and re-sellers since 2010.   We host Moodle and BigBlueButton in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe and Asia.

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