Need help getting your BigBlueButton server running?

Custom Services, Branding and Applications Consulting.

Custom Services, Branding and Applications consulting are prepaid as agreed and are non refundable. Use this button below if you already have a agreed upon statement of work to make a one time payment.

Examples of consulting services.  All services in US Dollars.  Credit Card and Bank wires accepted.

$150 1 Time Troubleshoot an installation on your BigBlueButton server (2 hours)

$500 Yearly Priority Level 3 support for your project once it goes into production. Assists a named technical resource with running and updating your solution.

$150 Configure BigBlueButton for inbound DID calling (3 hours), with your ITSP resource or ours ($10 month + 1.5 cents) per user min.

$150 Setup and configure private STUN/TURN server on your infrastructure.

$0 FREE Basic Private Label Client Only Branding with DistanceLearning dedicated Hosting Plans (3 hours)

$500 Install, config, and Fully Private Label BigBlueButton

$1,250 Custom Consulting per formal statement of work (each 10 hours)

  • Project Management, Tech integrator training on development/setup, Secure VPN tunneling, Private Servers,
  • Outbound Dialing, S3 Recording Archives, setting up server infrastructure, custom api development
  • Load Balancing, and custom High Availability clusters. Priority Level 3 support.
  • Multi-tenant Reseller features for commericialization.
  • Custom New Feature Development

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