We provide a scaleable mp4 recording SAAS that can automatically convert your standard HTML5 recordings to a single playable and downloadable .mp4 file.

The service is included as part our shared and dedicated hosting services.

For customers with their own BigBlueButton servers, here are some additional services we can provide.

1) Automate the conversion of your recordings by adding a few lined of code on your BBB server.
2) Push recordings to your storage location (S3?) or into your YouTube or Vimeo account.
3) Provide video editing interface and watermarking thru our recordApi.
4) Make custom callbacks to front end systems when recording is ready.
5) Convert your existing library of BigBlueButton recordings from .90 to 2.4

Try Converting your recording for Free here to test the service

Give us a call to discuss your project requirements. We can can support the processing of just a few, to thousands a month.

The service starts at $50USD a month for full automation.
This includes conversion for up to 50 recordings a month, no contracts and can be canceled anytime. Order here


As your number of meetings/classes and servers grow, recording turn around time and cpu processing greatly increase on your BigBlueButton servers.

For larger conversion requirements and adding custom copyright watermarks to your recordings contact us for more details.

We provide a custom recording pipeline that can scale to 1000’s of recordings daily. The processing is moved off the BigBlueButton Server allowing it to more effectively serve live meetings.

The processing is distributed over a large cluster and many recordings are processed in parallel on a much cheaper set of processors. Allowing you to process all html5/mp4 recordings immediately at providing the recordings to the enduser in minutes, not hours or days.