Dedicated BigBlueButton servers.

We provide dedicated and fully branded dedicated servers, in one of 10 global data centers mapped to your domain and integrated to your front end portal.   Setup is $100 per server.

$250 month  – 100 concurrent users.

$500 month  – 200 concurrent users.

$750 month  – **300 concurrent users.

      Actual numbers may vary based on your use case.  Meetings should minimize use of WebCams and ScreenShare, and keep class sizes to less than 100.  These systems can not handle everyone with cameras published and expect to reach their concurrent users.

Optional:  downloadable .mp4s,  telephone dial in access, stun/turn services.

No contracts, and services billed monthly.

Production managed and monitored.

**If you need more then 300 concurrent users, please contact us to discuss your project details, we can deploy a private labeled, load balanced solution to support any number of concurrent users. We will provide a quote for hosting, or supporting in your preferred data centers.

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